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Apr 21

Leo will recur Amazon Studio series called 'Citadel'


Find out more here.  


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Aug 20

Leo appears on the livestream reading of THE DOCTOR'S TALE.

THE DOCTOR'S TALE is a version by actor/playwright Michael Mears of NAGASAKI 1945, an account by a young doctor working in a small hospital in Nagasaki at the time of the second atomic bomb, detailing how he and his few staff, with very limited supplies, survived that day and the following weeks. 

At 7.30pm on August 9th 2020, the 75th anniversary of the Nagasaki bomb,

Please see the performance from the links below. or

Even if you missed it, you can STILL watch it here!


Nov 19 - Leo (as a member of The Washing Machine) is performing The Medea Hypothesis at Cockpit Theatre as a part of Voila Festival.


Mar 18 - Leo (as a member of The Washing Machine) is performing Medea Hypothesisa part of Theatre In The Pound at The Cockpit.





















Apr 17 - Leo (as a member of The Washing Machine) is performing Napoleon's Messenger as a part of The Rough Sketches Project organised by 3s A Crowd.




















Nov 16 - Leo (as a member of The Washing Machine) is performing Ophelia as a part of Impfest.













Oct 16 - Leo is peforming in play-reading of 'Got to make them sing' by Ai Nagai at RADA studio.
























May 16 - A British comedy film, Breaking the bank, which Leo played the part of Japanese banker, will be released in June 2016


Apr 16 - Leo is peforming in play-reading of 'Neko' by Francis Turnly at Tricyle Theatre















Mar 16 - Leo is peforming in play-reading of 'Belonging' by Francis Turnly and 'The Bite' by Atsuto Suzuki on Typhoon East festival at Rich Mix




















Nov 15 - Leo is performing in play reading of La Marie-Vison at White Conduit Project in Angel, London


























Oct 15 - Leo is performing Napoleon's Messenger'with Undone Collective as a part of scratch festival, More Storm Festival.

















May 15 - All That Remains new film trailer was out

















Oct 14 - Leo performed in British museum.




04 Jul 14 - Leo's interview for All That Remains




May 14 - finished filming for BREAKING THE BANK directed by Vadim Jean, starring Kelsey Grammer and Tamsin Greig




02 Feb 14 - An article on the Asahi-shinbun (Japanese newspaper Kyushu version). Follow the link here or こちら




NOV 13 - Leo appeared in the performance 'Nomads in a metropolitan city' 「都会の遊牧民たち。」directed by Hilary Westlake @ CAY Spiral in Tokyo, Japan on 12th and 13th November 2013.


It's a part of an exhibition of the series of bags by Kyoko Wainai.「男のかばん展」






Voila festival