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Leo was educated as an archaeologist but moved in to acting, learning his acting through Fringe theatre in Japan. He has performed in a multitude of plays and short films as well as being a featured model in the fashion industry.

He moved to the UK and performed with various theatre companies such as Station House Opera​. He has also made appearances in films, TV, and commercials

On the other hand, he has kept his passion for the theatrical scene and participated in a series of Greek Tragedy such as Phoenician Women, Oedipus the king , Oedipus at Colonus, and Antigone in Theatro Technis production as several characters including the blind prophet, Teiresias.

As much as time allows he writes, directs and performs his solo performances, which have been held in venues such as Etcetera Theatre and Battersea Art Centre.
His solo performances were developed by the help and the inspiration of one of the most famous Japanese actor in the UK, late Eiji Kusuhara楠原映二).

Also, he writes, directs and produces films, and recently his directorial debut film has been selected a few film festivals.

He believes that solo performance is his life's work.

Other collaborative projects with the artists in different fields are going alongside.


He's a member of, a London based theatre and performance collective, The Washing Machine


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Leo is based in London and represented by Julianna Bautista and Femi Oguns, Identity Agency Group (IAG) 

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